Welcome to curious visitors,

to pilgrims of knowledge,

to travellers of the mind,

to nomads of virtuality

and to wanderers of imagination...

Nobody enters unless he is not a geometer.

One day, a souvenir came back to our mind,
that of a forgotten people on the marches of history and myth,
a people of giants, of halflings,
repelled to the outermost borders of the world by arrogant conquerors.

Today our goal is simple.
We will return to the Formori the place they were despoiled of
in this forgetful history written by the progeny of the victorious ones,
in memory of all those whose name could not be recalled even by myths.

These peoples of men and women who lived, loved and created
and might have given us a different wisdom and civilization in heritance
if they had not perished by the bronze and the iron of our barbaric ancestors.

© Formori Institute 2000/2002 - Ygaundexaun Zormoryer 3508/3509